The Gospel of Dance – Music & Dance Academy, or G.O.D for short is an independent Non-Profit Organisation with a Christian ethos. The Organiation’s Religious Policy is therefore based on a single faith, namely Christian. The organisation believes, however, that everyone has the right to freedom of conscience, religion, thought, belief and opinion.

Religious Observances

Due to its stated Christian ethos, G.O.D will conduct and observe, religious activities and practices of a Christian nature only, as the vast majority of the students are of the Christian faith. These can include, but are not limited to, practices and observances around Easter, Ascension Day and the Christmas season, in any form as might be deemed suitable for young children. In addition, Bible readings, Christian messages, prayers and choruses, will form the basis of assemblies, meetings and ceremonies, wherever appropriate. It is expected that all students and teachers, irrespective of their personal beliefs, will attend all ceremonies, assemblies and lessons, as provided by the school.

The integrity of other religious groups shall, however, be respected. As it is logistically impossible for the organisation to cater for the specific requirements demanded by other faiths, suitable alternatives must be provided by the parents, of those students affected, as long as these do not impact on the operations of the organisation.

The G.O.D shall, however, recognise the religiously significant days, observed by other faiths and shall attempt to accommodate students from these faiths, who may be fasting, feasting or observing some religious practice, by not demanding that the child so affected, endure physical exertion.

The organisation shall also endeavour to keep its calendar free from trips and excursions during the major religious holidays of other faiths, in recognition of their importance.